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We are able to take care of the best, we can look after you too! Our main mission is to do everything in a way you know you can 100% rely on your machine, enjoy your adventures whether it is a day trip, ride with friends or a race. Cycling is our passion and entertainment.

No matter what make and model of a bike you may have, we will not push you to the side line. We don’t judge your bike nor are we interested how expensive your bike is. Bikes are your joy and we will not make them less enjoyable.

We plan our work load as we don’t want you to be without your bike any longer than nescessary, we try to cut the service time to a minimum. If you know what your bike needs and time is of an essence, you may use our service while you wait.

This offer is unique in Czech Republic – you will book a time slot when you need our service, we will come to you with a fully equipped service vehicle and repair your bike on site.

Don’t know what to do, need service60
Ruined wheel – SOS120
Hydraulic brake installation, bleeding, set up30
Hydraulic brake installation, bleeding, internal feed set up40
Hydraulic brake bleeding20
Brake pads exchange, set up10
Break pads exchange, caliper clean, set up15
disk allignemt5
Break shoes exhange, set up – road10
Break shoe exchange – road integrated break15
Break disk excahnge5
Exchange of gear cable to one changer, set up15
Exchange of internal gear cable to one changer, set up25
Excahnge of internal gear cable to one changer – internal handlebar fitting, set up40
Chain exchange5
Cassette exchange5
Hanger straightening10
Gear changer set up10
Derailleur set up10
Diagnostics, Di2 set up30
Other electronic changer40
Shock absorbing fork clean up20
Dumper exchange, sealing air chamber (Rock Shox)40
Comple fork refit (Rock shox – up to 120mm lift)60
Removal or fitting of rear shock absorbers20
Complete RS fork refit (over 120mm lift)80
wheel alignment10
wheel alignment with internal nipple20
Spoke exchange, classic layout, AL rim60
Spoke exchange, classic layout, carbon fibre rim80
Tyre excahnge5
Tubeless tyre excahnge10
Change to tubless system – 1 weave20
Tyre fitting to tape30
Tyre fitting to glue45
Nipple exchange60
Spoke exchange – 1 piece10
Spoke exchange – internal nipple20
Tubeless system – wire exchange30
Rear hub bearing exchange without nut20
Rear hub bearing exchange with nut30
Front hub bearing exchange20
Nut cleaning and lubricating10
Dumper exchange specialised with Brain unite, set up20
Removal or fitting of rear dumpers20
Rear bearings exchange – one pin10
Centric composition exchange – pressfit20
Centric composition clean up and lubricating – pressfit15
Centric composition exchange – threaded15
Head composition excahnge – integrated15
Head composition excahnge – semi-integrated20
Head composition clean up and lubrication10
Fork stem shortening – steel, aluminium20
Fork stem shortening – carbon fibre25
Wheel washing and cleaning30
Wash, lubrication, check45
Grips exchange5
Binding exchange20
Grips exchange including glueing10
Grips exchange including shortening for gripshift10
Telescopic saddle pole fitting with exterior guide20
Telescopic saddle pole fitting with interior guide30
Telescopic saddle pole fitting with hydraulic control40